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720 Asbury Avenue
Ocean City, NJ, 08226

(609) 398-7070


Creative Corner: TDC Art

Tim Dinofa

Longtime member of the 7th Street family, Todd Diciurcio, has been bringing innovative perspective to the art communities of New York, Los Angeles, London, and beyond for quite some time. Based in Brooklyn, Todd finds himself located in the epicenter of it all. It is here that art, music, cinema, and everything in between intersect to leave a pace of life faster than the average joe can handle. 


Since the pivotal moment when he captured Guided By Voices for the first time in 1999, Todd has worked with reputable artists from the likes of Blondie and the Rolling Stones to Portugal. The. Man. and more.

In 2013, he was featured on La Casa Residency presented by Corona in collaboration with MT Warning. The clip documented Todd doing what he does best. Absorbing the sound waves of resident artists and transforming them into a tangible transcription of the bands performance. TDC mentions, “The marks become drawn out and are really reacting to the music. What I’m after, is to create a dialogue between the music and the visual work.”  

"We moved to Brooklyn almost 15 years ago. Before that, we lived in Micco, Florida for the 5 years prior. Meg and I would would head to Ocean City during the summer time to build & run surf lessons with Larry Friedel at 7th Street, which at the time was the first surf camp on the East Coast. "

Ocean City is his sanctuary. On a given summer day, you can find him talking story at Local’s Coffee or in search of one of the many mystic right sand bars Ocean City has to offer. 

His garage stands as a newly adopted institution for the locals of the North end, offering a mural where urban expression meets your local beach town. 

Stop by the shop today to purchase one of his limited edition t-shirts designs or stickers. To stay up to date with Todd’s latest works and collaborations follow him on Instagram @odddc!

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